Welcome phrase words cloud conceptWelcome to my blog! My name is Radek and I am proud to present you the ultimate resource of unbiased information about using your brain more effectively.

As is written on my about page, I am conducting a 365days experiment in which I will be using several brain optimising techniques, tools and processes and I will be writing about the progress every day while tracking and quantifying the results.

After a lot of research, I have put down a holistic approach to optimising brain performance by the means of sleep, diet, exercise, supplementation, brain-training, meditation and using the latest technology.

In this Starter page, you can find links to all the articles explaining the basics behind my project and daily routine, which you can find here. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Let’s get started!


1. Primal ketogenic diet 

You are what you eat… and your brain agrees. I have found primal ketogenic diet to be the optimal diet for brain performance – at least on paper.

2. HIT exercise

Exercise can make you smarter. I am combining daily “crossfit like” quick training with Body by science protocol.

3. Optimised sleep

As they say, the best things are for free. And it’s true, at least for sleep. It is perhaps the most powerful nootropic you can get, for $0.

4. EEG Neurofeedback

Crucial part of any improvement is proper feedback. If you are serious about brain performance improvement, neurofeedback may very well be your most powerful tool of choice.

5. Mindfulness meditation

Proven by thousands of years of practice, mindfulness meditation can rewire your brain in a very positive way.

6. Supplements

No matter how well do you refine your diet, there is always something “extra” that can enhance the effects of nutrients on your body and brain. Learn about the supplements of my choice.

7. Nootropics

They are “technically” supplements, but I like to think about them as a separate niche among them. They are designed to improve your brain performance and some of them are indeed interesting.

8. HRV training

HRV, or Heart Rate Variability is a physical variation between your heartbeats, which can be measured by a biofeedback device and can be improved. Why is it important? Your HRV is strongly correlated to your stress level – important factor in your physical and mental fitness.

9. Cold thermogenesis

Do you know that subjecting yourself to cold can make you burn fat, improve your immunity and make you recover faster from a workout?

10. N-back and brain training games

There is a scientifically proven method for increasing IQ by playing a simple game. And many more games can improve your focus, attention or logical reasoning. They are all part of my daily routine.

11. Memory techniques and SRS

Proper understanding of memory functioning is crucial in learning new information and skills. Since this whole project is based around learning web development and vocabulary of many languages, using memory properly is a high priority.

12. Productivity tools and techniques

No matter how well does your brain function, if you procrastinate and lose your time, there is no benefit. I’ve summed up my favourite productivity tools and techniques which I will use in order to be productive and eliminate procrastination.

13. Environmental factors

Living in a city, I want to eliminate as much of potentially harmful environmental factors as possible. This post is about my filtering water, cleaning air and reducing EMF for better productivity.

14. Image streaming

Can visualisation exercise improve your intelligence. Some people claim that it’s possible. I’m going to find yout in one of my monthly experiments.

15. LLLT (low level laser therapy)

Red light in combination with some supplements can improve functioning of your mitochondria,  which translates to better cognition according to some self-experimenters on Longecity. In one of my monthly experiments, I am going to test this theory.

16. tcds (transcranical direct stimulation)

Your brain is like a big battery – transfering electric signals between neurons. Some studies show that mild electric stimulation can improve cognition. This assumption will also be a subject of one of my monthly experiments.


If you are curious about how I put all those things together, check out my daily routine!

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