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Brain training report – Month #3

Brain training report – Month #3

Overview So the first month of 2015 is over which means that I’m stepping into the 2nd quarter of my brain training project. Although I didn’t set any New Years resolutions, let’s have a look on the brief overview of what has been accomplished during this month: 1. I started tracking my sleep with more precise sleep tracker. My sleep quality improved substantially during January and I also slept longer on average.   2. My dual-n-back still plateaus on 9-back. Although I was only 1 miss from 10-back, I couldn’t manage to get there.   3. I started training with 4-channel TAG-Sync, which I received from a fellow NFB practitioner. Training with it feels like a meditation on steroids.   4. I’ve done an experiment with Bulletproof coffee. It seemed to be promising at the beginning but I no longer use it. More below.   5. I reached my all-time high when it comes to weight (196lbs) – packing on mostly muscle. At the moment, I’m in the cutting mode.   6. I started using a LLLT along with a supplemental stack of CoQ10 and PQQ. The effect is mild but still noticeable. And above all – positive.   7. I’ve been using my Focus trainer almost daily for just a few minutes. It doesn’t disrupt sleep this way and it’s a great way to jumpstart the brain in the morning.   8. I failed to do the sleep tracker experiment so it’ll start during the next month.   9. My diet became much more consistent. Overall, I’ve been brain-training more than the last month. The negative difference below is because of my Coherence... read more
Sleep quality and how long should we sleep?

Sleep quality and how long should we sleep?

The importance of high quality sleep Before I started my brain training project, I was trying to fit as much as possible into my routine, carefully examining every minute in order to get more “productive” time. And I know that I’m not alone in this quest. Actually, most of the people have so much to do but sadly enough, everyone of us has only 24 hours given each day. So the only logical way to get more “productive” time is to… sleep less… right? Probably not… Back to developing my routine some 3 months ago, I knew that sleep is actually important and I thought that by doing so much meditation and using other relaxation techniques, I could get by with only 6 or 6.5 hours of sleep per night. So that’s how I started. It was working for the first 2-3 weeks but then I started to feel the effects of sleep debt building up, effectively compromising my mental sharpness and even mood. So I’ve upped my sleep dose gradually to as much as 9 hours, finding out that around 7h 30 minutes is the optimum for my body and brain. In plain words – if I get enough high quality sleep, I feel great. But since everybody is different, everybody would have different sleep needs. And if you are like me, you might think that you are the one winning in the “sleep genetics” lottery, requiring only a few hours of sleep to function like a rockstar during the day (people like that indeed exist – more below). However, keep in mind that it’s probably only a wishful thinking. In... read more
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